Topics for Collaborative Discussion

Khan Academy: Introduction to Functions- What are functions? Why should we learn about them? How can they be used in real life?

Watch the Khan Academy video titled "Introduction to Functions." Then compose a response response that answers the following 3 tasks: 

  • What is a function? How would you define it in your own words?
  • Why should you learn about functions? What is the purpose?
  • How can you relate this to your own life? Provide one clear example of how you would use functions in your every day life. Remember to identify what the input is, what the function does and what output is produced for your example. 

Once you have posted your response, read the responses posted by your peers and vote for the response you think is strongest. You can vote for the student who provided the clearest definition of a function or the most interesting example of how a function can be used in real life. Post a reply to the student you voted for explaining why you voted for his/her response. Compliment strong points made, ask questions, and/or build on ideas shared. 



Grade Levels

Grades 9-10, Grades 7-8, Grades 5-6,


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